Madison, WI: University, Macdonald, V. (2014). Nurse Practitioner - Neonatal What You Will Do In This Role. Current/active/unencumbered U.S. nursing or advanced practice nursing licensure is required. Look for clues within the questions. King, C. R., Gerard, S. O. A neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) with at least 2 years experience as a beside registered nurse in a level III NICU, who is prepared to practice across the continuum, providing primary, acute, chronic, and critical care to neonates, infants, and toddlers through age 2. Prior to attempting the examination, you will be given the opportunity to practice taking a test on your computer. If you are taking the test as part of a group or at a PEC course, select Special Testing Opportunities from the menu on the right or contact your PEC sponsor, ICP sponsor or NCC at CONTACT US for further instructions. Examples of these include “early sign,” “late sign,” “understands goal has been achieved,” “goals have not yet been fully met,” “has not met the outcome criteria,” “adequately tolerating,” “inadequate,” “unable to tolerate,” “ineffective,” “avoid,” “needs additional instructions,” and “lack of understanding.”, Strategic words and phrases that may indicate the need to prioritize to select the correct option include the following examples: “best,” “first,” “initial,” “immediately,” “most likely” or “least likely,” “most appropriate” or “least appropriate,” “highest priority” or “lowest priority,” “order of priority,” “at highest risk,” “at lowest risk,” and “best understanding.”, Some strategic words and phrases indicate a positive or negative event question query that may indicate there is one correct option. But to work in this field, these professionals must pass the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Exam. Strategies for test success. Midwifery & Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide: Organization’s Guide: NCC Certification Examination Catalogue WHNP Candidate Guide: Practice Questions: Sample questions in the Candidate Guide (pg. The Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Workbook was created to help you prepare for the NCC Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing or Neonatal Nurse Practitioner certification exam. There is no guessing penalty, so always take an educated guess. PDF file of your diploma for upload to the NCC website. Other parts of the test may have some information that will help you out with that question. In this case, there will probably be at least one clue or strategic word in the case event that makes one answer obviously better than the rest. In the NCC certification exam, all of the questions are essentially multiple choice. This certification is offered with Computer Testing at a Computer Test Center. Nugent, P., & Vitale, B. Follow these steps to try to make the correct choice: Read the case event and question again, identify the case event from the query of the question, look for strategic words or phrases, identify the subject of the question, ask yourself, “What is the question asking me?” Then read all the options again and make your final choice by focusing on what the question is asking. This portion provides the information that you need to think about to answer the question. Sides, M. B., & Korchek, N. (1998). However, for the majority, proper coaching and practice can increase their test-taking abilities. Our Holiday Sale is going on now. National Certification Corporation 676 N. Michigan Ave Suite 3600 Chicago, IL 60611 [email protected] About NCC Neonatal nurse practitioners may also be required to be certified in … This is the element that contains the specific problem or intent of the item. Focus on the test in front of you. Various terms are used for these in different textbooks. Examples of open-ended words include: generally, may, possibly, and usually. For the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner certification exams, nurses must also demonstrate completion of a master’s, post-master’s, … Once the date for mandatory shut down is provided, this method of testing will end. Dr. Staebler is an associate professor at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University and was recently elected the president of the National Certification Corporation (NCC), the predominant credentialing authority for neonatal NPs. Test taking strategies & study skills for the utterly confused. Certification as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner by an agency responsible for certifying professional nurses in advanced practice; Master of Science in Nursing (if … © 2020 National Certification Corporation. The NCC exam tips for preparing for the exam, what to do the day of the exam, and tips for. Written by leading APRN neonatal educators and clinicians, this authoritative study guide delivers all the tools neonatal nurse practitioners need to pass the National Certification Corporation (NCC) certification exam … Successful completion of an accredited graduate nurse practitioner program that meets NCC program requirements and prepares neonatal nurse practitioners. Executive Director, The National Certification Corporation (NCC) Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Department of Pediatrics Medical University of South Carolina. You will be subject to them so it is to your advantage to understand the certification process and rules. Listing your credentials correctly on your resume is vital. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Certification (NNP-BC) Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certification (WHNP-BC) Visit the NCC Website. The question query or stem follows the case event and asks something specific about the background statement. Kesselman-Turkel, J., & Peterson, F. (2004). Statements that begin with “always,” “never,” “none,” “except,” “most,” or “least” are probably NOT the correct answer. Test-taking strategies. Change an answer only if you misread or misinterpreted the question because the first answe. but they have nothing to do with the case event part of the question. Exams will be delivered by appointment only Monday through Saturday at 9:00 am and 1:30 pm, via computer at over 100 AMP Assessment Centers geographically located throughout the United States. The NCC exam tips for preparing for the exam, what to do the day of the exam, and tips for dissecting multiple-choice questions will hopefully decrease anxiety and fear for all NCC students. CCRN® Neonatal is a specialty certification for nurses who provide direct care to acutely/critically ill neonatal patients regardless of their physical location. Rozakis, L. (2003). The unfolding case studies provide information on a case study and then generally have five multiple-choice questions that occur after new information is added to the case study. For the NCC core nursing exams, nurses are required to provide current U.S. nursing licensure as well as experience in the form of practice. Make sure that you have answered all the questions. To become a Neonatal nurse (NNP) you must have a BSN and MSN degree, as well as be an RN. This method of test delivery allows the examinee to take the certification exam from their home, office, or a remote site, using their own computer. General Multiple-Choice NCC exam tips from this title: Prepping for any exam comes with a certain amount of anxiety. Find NP Certification Review Courses. Do not stay on a problem that you are stuck on, especially when time is a factor. These two organizations ar… You will schedule your own exam appointment with AMP/PSI either by phone or via the internet. Macdonald, V. (2014). Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner. For example, if the question is in the past tense, but three of four of the multiple-choice answers are in the present tense, the one answer in the past tense is likely to be the correct answer. This is the element that contains the specific problem or intent of the item. Often all of the choices will seem somewhat plausible. section of the American Association of Colleges of Nurses (AACN) website. The unfolding case studies provide information on a case study and then generally have five multiple-choice questions that occur after new information is added to the case study. The NCC offers several certification exams. Words or phrases that may indicate a positive event question/query include: “early sign,” “late sign,” “best,” “first,” “initial,” “immediately,” “most likely,” “most appropriate,” “highest priority,” “order of priority,” “all nursing interventions that apply,” “goal has been achieved,” and “adequately tolerating.” On the other hand, the words or phrases that indicate a negative event question/query include examples such as “least likely,” “least appropriate,” “least priority,” “least helpful,” “at lowest risk,” “avoid,” “needs additional instructions,” “needs additional teaching,” “lack of understanding,” “goals have not yet been fully met,” “has not met the outcome criteria,” “ineffective,” “inadequate,” and “unable to tolerate.”. Candidate Guides - Exam Content, Competency Statements, Study Resources and Scoring. Upon successful completion of the exam, candidates are eligible to become certified or licensed to practice. There are different parts to the question and answers. Additionally, some employers require certification in order to work in NICUs, ERs, and other neonatal specialty areas. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Preparation Tips for the NCC Exam As you’re getting ready to take the NCC certification exam, how can you keep yourself cool, calm, and collected? Test result reports are NOT available by phone or email, but pass/fail status only can be seen in your account after the official results have been mailed. If you think you have a difficult question at the beginning, you’re likely reading too much into it! Successful test-taking (3rd ed.). Kesselman-Turkel, J., & Peterson, F. (2004). LRP is a secure and non-invasive platform that uses professional proctors and technology to monitor examinees' live while they complete their certification exam.

ncc neonatal nurse practitioner certification

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