I’ve used sugar instead of honey and butter instead of coconut oil because we’re in lockdown and it’s what I had. This is the best and easiest banana bread I’ve ever shared. With over-ripe bananas, good honey, and your favorite chocolate bar this is sure to become your favorite banana bread. The cinnamon is that unexpected ingredient that might seem a bit off, but it’s actually what makes the bread really good. Thank you so much Alison! Thank you! Soft, room temperature butter will work! In a large mixing bowl, stir together the mashed bananas, coconut oil, honey, eggs, and vanilla until combined. I recommend a GF flour blend instead for best results as I have not had success using only coconut/almond flour. Absolutely delicious banana bread and all without refined sugar! Nope, that just means they are perfect for banana bread. It’s Friday, live a little. Thank you for yet another great recipe! I didn’t have vanilla extract and my bananas weren’t quite as ripe as I would’ve liked, but I had some vanilla brandy that I soaked the bananas in while I got everything else together… not complaining haha. This will be a new go-to banana bread for me. I am so glad this recipe turned out so well for you! Amazing! Do you think you could sub the honey for agave? Thank you! YES! I hope you love this recipe! Amazing! I added a scant half cup of sweetened coconut as I really wanted to thin out my freezer. I made this bread today using Bobs Red Mill all purpose gluten free flour. I followed recipe baked for 50 mins, I took it out right away and place it on a plate. It might not be what you should do, but it’s the right thing to do. It's sweet, it's moist, and it's downright delectable. Amazing! Hi Kay! I baked it last night and had a slice for my pre-workout snack. Thank you so much Anthony! Or use coconut cream (like the thick stuff in a can) instead? I hope you love this recipe! Lovely blog and recipes by the way! Thanks for giving the recipes a try. xTieghan. Now stir in all the chocolate chunks that your heart desires. Yes, it has honey. xTieghan, Can you substitute coconut or almond flour? and still so DELICIOUS! My family ate half the loaf within 15 minutes of it coming out of the oven! I am so glad you loved this recipe! Recipes call for certain ingredients for a reason. xTieghan. I hope you love this recipe! xTieghan. Thank you! https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/chocolate-chip-olive-oil-zucchini-banana-bread/ I have not tested with a flax egg so I am not sure of the results. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a 9x5 inch bread pan. Thank you, Blayre! (I helped.) Hi Alissa! xTieghan. This looks delicious! It’s subtle enough that you can’t really tell it’s there, but it adds a special touch. Used peanut butter and swirled it, in the loaf pan. This recipe is perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing. Yes that will work! My husband loved the banana bread even though he’s not a big fan when I put chocolate into almost everything I bake. They loved this!! xTieghan. I was a bit concerned it wouldn’t be sweet enough after I read someone said it wasn’t. xTieghan, Further info on celery juice: I had to sample while it was still HOT. Thank you!! xTieghan. And do I not need to line my loaf tin? I am so glad this turned out so well for you Deanna! Thanks! I hope you love some other recipes on my blog! xTieghan. I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you! That way it is truly healthy! xTieghan. I just too this from the oven. xTieghan. Thanks so much!! Do they have brown spots on them at all? whole wheat pastry flour, or all-purpose flour. Thanks so much!! Can I use sunflower oil instead of coconut oil? Hi Mary! My question is your elevation? I am so glad you both loved this recipe, Suzy! Yes this will work. Just in time for the weekend too! Can you tell me a good way to ripen my bananas until they are black (my grocery store does not keep the over-ripe ones), where I could suppress the smell? I use unsweetened, but I think either one would work. I am so glad you loved this recipe and it turned out so well for you! xTieghan. When I checked after 30mts of baking – I could see the top of the bread has started burning/started getting a black color and so I took the risk of taking out at 30mts..I rested for another 30mts and sliced into it..the bread tasted really soft and yummy, but the chocolate was oozing a lil here and there..it didnt had any burnt taste though. I am so sorry you did not enjoy this recipe! I added walnuts , Thank you so much Taylor! Deliberately over bought bananas last week so that some would go brown and I could make this…I wasn’t disappointed, recipe was easy and super delicious! Thank you! Just made this bread following recipe exactly(used AP flour & organic dark chocolate bar chopped) and it came out AMAZING! I live in Colorado as I know you do. Thank you so much Kayti! HI! Followed this recipe exactly and it was amazing! Hi sorry to say, I followed the recipe and it was really not tasty. I’m really excited to make this. If that's the case, simply file away this recipe until that time (I hear Pinterest works well...). So moist and the perfect balance of sweetness with the dark choc chips! And if I’m not baking, I’m making homemade pizza in the pizza oven. Thank you so much! Please let me know if you have any other questions. xTieghan. Just replaced all-purpose flour & baking soda with self-raising flour and voila! This will be my go-to banana bread recipe! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Love love love the use of coconut oil in this bread! Lucky for us, today is the right time! I am sure agave will be totally fine, though I am not positive as I don’t use agave when cooking or baking. Fold in dark chocolate … any changes? I can’t wait to try this bread!! Think whole bananas, chocolate covered banana bites, and chocolate covered banana … Just came out of the oven and cooled enough for my greedy self to try a bite… YUM! Loving your recipes and photo shoots! I am so glad you loved this recipe Tkeys! I also added ground flaxseed to the recipe for added fibre boost. Good but I think your Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Banana Bread is the winner! Thank you so much Denise!! Fold in the chocolate chips and the shredded coconut. Love this!! I absolutely love them (I already had 2 warm slices straight out of the oven with butter!) Hi Brooke, summer vacation in Colorado, and I just didn't have it in me to work on the road while entertaining three restless kiddos. I hope you love this recipe! Is it still good? Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 1 hour, or until a toothpick inserted in center comes out … Hi Liz, I’m doing this tomorrow, for sure! Thank you so much! Oh, and major bonus points if you enjoy this with a little smear of butter and a drizzle of honey. As I didn’t have whole wheat pastry flour, I used half white whole wheat and AP. Each slice looks so fluffy and hearty–it must have smelled heavenly while you baked this bread! Down here at sea-level (I’m in Vancouver!) Which is where this banana bread comes in. My husband enjoys blueberries in his banana bread, so one day I will sub the chocolate chips for blueberries. Can I use Kodiak pancake mix instead of flour and remove baking soda? Fold in chocolate chips and pecans. I made this yesterday and it was unreal!!! My first banana bread ever but not the last! Thank you for sharing the recipe! I’d cut the chocolate chips in half… If not by 2/3. Love it, definitely saving this one! I know it sounds odd, but I recently tried some (because of this book) and it’s actually so good. Please let me know! I am so glad this turned out so well for you! chocolate chunk coconut banana bread_WEB from Half Baked Harvest on Vimeo. Your email address will not be published. Do what your stomach and your eyes are screaming at you to do. Great recipe . I am so glad you loved this! Thank you so much Laura! The tantalizing scent that emanates from the oven while it's baking is actually reason enough to make it...the amazing flavor and texture are added bonuses! Thank you so much! Add the egg, mashed bananas and vanilla and beat until well blended. Comfort food is okay, healthy-ish is balance! Required fields are marked *. #1. Hi Sara! Wellll, I am here to say it is DELICIOUS!!! Wow that is so great! Thank you! Next time I would highly recommend not using a toaster oven. I used one cup WW flour and half a cup AP. SUPER MOIST BANANA CHOCOLATE COCONUT CAKE Hello Wonderful. It still tastes amazing! Hi! If I don’t have coconut oil on hand is there a substitute that you recommend? I read some of the comments after I made it and begin to doubt if it would be sweet enough when someone said it wasn’t. xTieghan. Delicious! If you can resist, you should wait 30 minutes or so to slice into the bread. I have coconut flour I’m dying to try. I am so glad this turned out so well for you and your coworker! The bread packages and ships well {sent to a son at college}. I hope you love this Maria! Thank you!! I love creating quick and easy, family-friendly, real food recipes to share with y'all and make your lives easier. Thank you for trying it! I used the batter in my mini loaf pan from pampered chef. I poured my oil into measuring cup and then added the honey to take it up to 1/2 cup—it makes it so easy to slip the honey out! xTieghan, Hey The hardest part is waiting for the bananas to go black. Spoon a heaped tablespoon of the mixture and roll into a ball then flatten. This recipe was easy. xTieghan, Delicious and not too sweet! I was just searching Google for a banana bread recipe and came across this one. We love this banana bread and it’s going to be my new go-to recipe! I am so glad it turned out so well for you Emily! I always know before even looking at the contributor which posts are yours. I live in Australia so I did 175 degrees Celcius for 55 mins in case any fellow metrics were wondering My only suggestion would be to make more than one as it went so quickly! Any suggestions? The texture of the bread is good, but the taste is just okay. Line 12** muffin tins with paper liners or spray with nonstick cooking spray. I hope you love the recipe, please let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks for the recipe! Thank you! Loved this recipe! cinnamon, vanilla extract, coconut, bananas, baking soda, coconut oil and 5 more Coconut Cookies with Honey and Oats As receitas lá de casa grated coconut, honey, jelly, rolled oats, glaze, white sugar and 1 more Banana Rum Coconut Cookies Grumpy's Honeybunch Please let me know if you have any other questions. xTieghan, Good morning! I would add 1/2 cup coconut flakes. Thank you so much! Thank you for sharing this recipe my dear! Mine turned out very dark brown instead of typical banana bread color – used 1/2 cup whole wheat and 1 cup APF. Love love LOVED this recipe! Thank you! Absolutely fantastic. If this is any better than your Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Roasted Banana Bread then Katie bar the doors. Made this today. Ahh, the life of someone who makes up recipes for a living. The flavors of banana, coconut, and oats pair perfectly in fluffy, hearty cookies that make a perfect snack or healthy dessert! I baked my bread for 60 minutes and it is a beautiful golden brown. xTieghan. I think the coconut oil was a great alternative to butter. Thank you so much Megan! Hey Alyssa, I try to live simply, eat seasonally, and cook with whole foods. Thank you so much for your comment! Thanks!! Also I didn’t have a 9×5 pan, so I used an 8×8 and cooked for a shorter time! And of course, if you do make this recipe, don’t forget to also tag me on Instagram! This past week all I’ve wanted to do is bake. Hey Christine, Thank you so much for trying it! The post for this recipe seeped into my sleepy brain so I quickly looked it up, confirmed I had all ingredients, and thought “yeah, I can throw this together and it can be in the oven while I get ready for work!” And that’s exactly what I did! Thank you so much for trying it! I am so glad you love this recipe and the post, Alexandra! Thank you!! Next time I will probably use a bit less chocolate & add pecans. Smelled so good, moist and delicious.

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