Once you have the basic knot in place, it’s time to create a slip knot. It’s good to count the stitches on every row while you knit. A smaller diameter needle should be used with finer yarn. Constructing an item with squares does mean you will need to bind them together somehow in the end. 10. I used 4 (10.5 oz) skeins of Bernat Blanket Big Yarn in the color Gray. It's about the only way to make sure you don't lose stitches when making something with a lot of them. I don't knit, but when I purchased the wool, I was trying to ask questions and all the wool purchased is natural color. A blanket with 210 stitches will be about 4 ft (1.2 m) wide. It has the warmth of wool but is softer on the skin. Yes and no. It all depends on the size needle, the yarn weight and whether you’re a tight knitter or loose knitter. Steps to follow when making a blanket. For striped blankets, you can alternate your yarn color to make them interesting to look at. Your material can be tube yarn, wool, and chenille. This knitting chart for the letter A is a perfect way to star your alphabet! This type of construction dictates how most patterns are written. Blanket is knit back and forth in rows just as if knitting with straight needles. Now it's time to knit the foundation rows of the blanket. Step 1: CHOOSE YARN & NEEDLES Create swatch by knitting a small square with your desired yarn and needle, say 10 - 20 stitches and a number of rows to equal the same width in height. Knit blanket patterns are also excellent reasons to pick up a pair of circular knitting needles for the first time, just to accommodate the large number of stitches and get used to the way they feel in your hands before facing the dreaded hat or infinity scarf. Then measure how many stitches per inch you have, and how many rows per inch. This will help you determine the best method for washing it. wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. These knitted blanket patterns will have you hurrying home to bundle up every night. They're long enough to hold a whole blanket and the size 8 is perfect for any worsted weight yarn. Some knit tight, some people knit loose, which why it's an important thing to know when you're trying to make something a specific finished size, whether it's a sweater or a cot blanket. When you reach the end of one row, move your empty needle to the side of the row with the working yarn and start again. However, you have two options here. We all wonder how much yarn do I need to knit a sweater or a blanket. When you’ve finished a row, you can move your empty needle back to the side with the working yarn to start a new one. Simply multiply that by how many inches wide you want your final product to be. When they’re all finished, you’ll have an entire blanket! Acrylic and cotton are soft and easy to wash but don't add a lot of warmth. It is also easy to knit squares, and you can do this at night while you are watching television. For tips on how to add stripes to your knit blanket, read on! Cast on enough to make a few inches of the swatch and keep knitting until you have a square. Portability: Again, forgive me for stating the obvious but apart from the initial stages, this is not a very portable project. This knitting chart for the letter B is for all the beautiful babies in your life. A gauge is a method of measuring the circumference of the needles. Measure the width of the resulting square and divide by the number of stitches you cast on. Luckily we have the skills – and the yarn! Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on June 29, 2018: Thanks for the lesson. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 542,075 times. This will be a garter, seed or other stitch that doesn't curl like stockinette.You will also knit a border on the beginning and end of the row as you continue on to the body. How to knit a basic blanket from knitted squares. Once you’re done, you’ll have a soft, cozy blanket with a fun, funky pattern to snuggle up under. It's soft, comes in many colors and is heavy enough to knit up quickly. Usually the yarn you choose has a the recommended needle size. Step 3: CHOOSE BLANKET SIZE Step 4: ESTABLISH GAUGE Always think about the blanket's recipient when selecting material. A worsted weight knitting project may dry within about a day. The ultra-cozy craft is not only stylish but also super easy to DIY. Katy Medium (author) from Denver, CO on September 06, 2019: Oh I see, so if it's the same number of stitches then you're probably casting on too tight. For making a large blanket, use circular needles. All of them are bulky, chunky, and work perfectly for hand knitting and arm knitting projects. I know some tutorials promise you that you'll be able to make a DIY chunky knit blanket in less than an hour. Pattern (optional). How to knit a basic blanket from knitted squares. A blanket is just a big square or rectangle, so no construction needed – whoop! As far as construction goes, making a blanket is just a bigger version of making a scarf. The yarn you choose will vary based on your preference and the material you want for the blanket. Hope this helps! If desired, set up a small fan to expedite the drying process. This is impossible. The pattern is so simple and comforting you’ll have fun making it *affiliate links have been used below at no extra cost to you. We're calling it now: Super chunky knit blankets are going to be everywhere pretty soon. By using our site, you agree to our. Repeat time and time again, finishing up all the rows until you reach … This is a basic knit stitch, and it’s useful to learn when you’re making blankets, scarves, or hats. This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. This cozy finger knit blanket was incredibly easy and fun to make. You can count the stitches after every row to check. You could choose to knit the blanket in garter stitch, which makes a nice squishy fabric. After you’ve finished the rows of garter stitches, do 20 stitches of knitting, 110 of purling, then another 20 of knitting. Blocking a blanket is simple: wet it with water, arrange it on a flat surface and allow it to dry. Circular needles are great for any blanket project. Choose one of these gorgeous patterns and learn how to knit an afghan blanket! Here is where most of the knitting time is spent. Baby Chalice Blanket. Also weave in the tail from the cast on side of the blanket… Before you start you will need to know a few basic knitting techniques: If you're still learning, a quick YouTube search will give great videos that any beginner can follow along. A simple way to fix this is to slip every first or last stitch in a row. Use thicker needles for chunky yarn. Repeat this pattern until the blanket is as long as you want it, then knit 2 more inches before casting off. Once the border is complete move on to the main body of the blanket. Knitting a patchwork blanket with squares can be really fun. 01 of 26. Be sure that the cable on your circular needles is secure and as you knit, lift and move the blanket itself instead of pulling it by the needles. Do not turn work. Be gentle as chunky yarn can be easily damaged so you have to make sure to avoid that. 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References. Yes, she'll need thick needles and a pattern. 8. This will create a create a border on the other two sides of the blanket as you knit. My results were not ideal, and I was not at all happy with the outcome, or the yarn I used. How many balls of yarn will I need for this project? Finishing includes tying in ends, seaming any pieces together and blocking. This is a great way to practice your basic knit stitch. Gauge lets you know how many stitches per inch you can get based on yarn weight, needle size and your style of knitting.