Cassius and Brutus portray specific leadership qualities in very different ways. Caesar only served one year as dictator, yet his short rule transformed the Roman Republic. First, I needed to consider how the plays commented on leadership according to the Elizabethans. – Julius Caesar . Obviously, this one is a rather extreme example, but from it we can learn that, like Julius Caesar, a good leader mustn’t sit back and wait for others to do hard tasks for him; instead, he must get down to business straight away. The Leadership Geeks website was created to give you the leadership tools and resources to equip you to become a more capable leader. He also developed ties with another Roman general, Marcus Licinius Crassus, who was known to be one of the wealthiest men in Rome. One of Caesar’s best qualities as a leader was his ability to connect with his men. In the play Julius Caesar, several people compete to be the leader of Rome. He began to ally himself with Pompey, who formerly served under Sully. Cassius and Brutus portray specific leadership qualities in very different ways. – Julius Caesar It may be overkill for you to pen a book detailing your own victories, but it can be immensely helpful to communicate and celebrate victories (however small!) Part of reason why we know so much about Caesar and his military prowess is due to the fact that he took the time to celebrate victories by writing them down. He won the election and formed an alliance with Crassus and Pompey, known as the First Triumvirate — together, the three men could control public business through their wealth and political influence. To learn more about us, check out our about page, Copyright © 2019 Leadership Geeks. In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Mark Antony shows leadership qualities after his good friend Caesar was stabbed in the back, literally, by their other “friends.” In the first acts, Mark Antony comes off only as a harmless, loyal supporter and follower of Julius Caesar; however, as the acts progress he proves to have strong negative leadership attributes. He rose to become the dictator of Rome, and was eventually assassinated by political rivals. Celebrating victories is a way to thank and acknowledge your team members for a job well done, and provide motivation to continue on and attain your goals. He ate with them, slept with them, bled with them. Leadership in Julius Caesar In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Cassius is shown as the leader of the conspirators. Beyond his undeniable ability for strategy, the roman general outstood because of his personal leadership lessons over his army, to whom he knew how to transmit his vision and wisdom. He had a high tolerance for risk and was bold enough to make calculated risks in his bid for power. During his consulship, Caesar gained a governorship which gave him command of four legions. Far from that powerful image of great swords and spears, the legions were specialized in the use of these small weapons, light but effective. This display of military strategy and prowess added to his legend as a great military leader. He returned to Rome after Sulla’s death in 78 BC, becoming a legal advocate. A good leader cares about learning communication techniques that will help him correctly convey messages and engage the team. Caesar himself was personally in charge of this hard task, one of the hardest a soldier can face. What made Caesar such a formidable leader was his arsenal of skills and talents. In the play Julius Caesar, several people compete to be the leader of Rome. A leader doesn’t need to be “best friends” with every member of his team, but from this story we can learn that having a personal connection with coworkers is something positive, because it reduces the gaps that may exist in an office and strengthens leadership. There are many implications of leadership as seen in Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was known for his highly intelligent strategies, controversial methods and staunchly brusque actions as a military leader and politician of the Roman Empire. Be accessible to your team and guide them towards the end of the process. Leadership in Julius Caesar In Shakespearean tragedy Julius Caesar, the use of diverse leaders plays an important role in the plot, showing vividly how strong personalities conflict. All bad precedents begin as justifiable measures. Often, we get bogged down in daily work and deadlines, and do not take the time to acknowledge achievements. He became the head of his family at the young age of 16, after his father’s unexpected death. This made him stand out as a true leader, and the best one the world had ever known. His coming of age was coincidental with a civil war between Sulla his rival, and Marius his uncle. From him, we are taking these eight valuable lessons that a great leader should know: Back in Rome, it was said that Caesar knew the names of each and every soldier fighting with him. He was a charismatic and social personality, and easily drew people to him. He conquers twice, who shows mercy to the conquered. Another contemporary, Pompey, had military ability but lacked the ability to connect and rally people the way Caesar was able to. Brutus, as chose by Cassius, becomes a secondary leader in the plan to eliminate Caesar. Not much is known about his childhood. He capitalized on the infighting of others and created powerful alliances. A great part of the success of the roman legions was the information troops had available on the battlefield. Inspiring lesson about leadership as practice from the great figure in the world history .. He also gave out rewards for courage and bravery; those decorated soldiers were singled out and made to feel special which further deepened their loyalty to Caesar. Julius Caesar In the tragedy of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare created characters with a range of traits.The main characters each had their own strengths, weaknesses, and struggles. … It had it’ s up and times though but starting in 46 b.c. Many people believe Brutus would be considered ha This is the case with Brutes and Cassias, the two leaders among the several conspirators. Like Caesar, the tools you have available will be those which will make you reach success. – Julius Caesar . In 48 BC, Caesar defeated Pompey and his troops in Greece; he then returned to Rome and was appointed dictator. Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, and Antony all play the role of a leader in the middle of all the confusion in Rome, however, some characters are careless and would not be good leaders. If you set your conviction aside and make decisions based on fear and cowardice, you will be building your leadership on a faulty base. with your team. The ways in which leadership is presented in the play ‘Julius Caesar’ Essay Leadership is one of the main themes presented in the play and is presented though the four characters: Cassius, Brutus, Mark Antony, and Caesar. Being close to his men also allowed him to identify weaknesses and make quick decisions to correct mistakes. Thanks for your interest! In Shakespeare's tragedy Julius Caesar, the use of diverse leaders plays an important role in the plot, showing vividly how strong personalities conflict.

leadership in julius caesar

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