1. D. color D. balance _____ is the use of logos and logotypes on products as well as on company advertising, stationery, and signs; erected on posts, anchored on buildings, or imprinted on company vehicle s C. composition Ans: A, 24. D. chop marks ____________the equalization of visual forces in a work of art Sample answer. Ans: B, 9. The comprehensive graphic design test from Resource Associates has two parts: a 132-question personality inventory and a 44-item untimed aptitude test. Ans: Which of the following is the emotional, cultural, or social content of a design D. Split Complement color scheme D. proportion A. intensity Even if you're a pro, it could be valuable to go over shortcuts in programs like Illustrator , Photoshop or InDesign , and refamiliarize yourself with tools you haven't used recently. Ans: D, 29. D. Secondary colors B. color scheme C. None _______ is the creation of unity by stressing similarities of separating but related part in a work of art/design D. variety C. space ______the plan an artist uses to organize a composition C. after image B. line A. temperature D. pictographs Primary colors D. Primary colors, Which element is the act of organizing the elements of artwork into a harmoniously unified whole Example: Times, Arial, Sand, etc. This post covers the MCQs type test of graphic design. D. spectrum Color wheel C. proportion A. color To make extraordinary designs isn’t sufficient. A. harmony D. texture, which are the primary colors of light red, green, and blue which create white light when mixed together B. trademark Split Complement color scheme C. engravings D. shape, Which color scheme that uses colors side by side have a common hue on the color wheel? D. Primary colors C. closure The object in the background is on a different layer. WASSCE, ... you are given answers to the question.I love you guys. A) Typography B) Font C) Bold D) none of these E) Typeface. They should be able to recommend specific file types for review, source files, and deliverables to make the final hand off as smooth as possible. Great graphic designers are team players who ask questions and solicit feedback. B. color Ans: C, 26. A. expression B. expression D. hue Graphic Designer Interview Questions and Answers: The following mentioned are few graphic designer tips and a list of graphic designer job interview questions and answers useful for a graphic designer to get hired. C. Symmetry balance The test asks questions about design fundamentals that highlight the difference between creativity and design. C. branding B. balance A. B. Talking points can be the nature, scope, and importance of the field. However, it still appears on top of another object. A. texture This section contain Computer Graphics multiple choice questions and answers quiz - computer graphics quiz questions answers, computer graphics mcqs, mcqs question of computer graphics, computer graphics mcq for ugc net, computer graphics mcqs questions, computer graphics exam questions and answers, computer graphics … A. This question is designed to test how much you've looked into your prospective employer before the interview and how much you will care about the graphic design work you'll be doing for them. A. optical illusion A. value ______ refers to 2 dynamics in a work of art ______ means that in a work of art/ design everything works together or look as if it belongs in the work of art/design A. movable type A. watermark C. movement C. signage system A. pictographs C. closure B. temperature A. shape C. hue It makes you active in learning. Questions (29 ... and leading questions. The elements of art/design which statement satisfies the practice of establishing a memorable reputation for a product or a company 2. B. expression C. Secondary colors C. value Principles of design C. spectrum B .The graphic is locked. C. space Ans: A, 19. _____is a the element of art that describes or refer to the relative between space is the element of art that refers to the emptiness of the area between around or above below or with objects D. motif, Johann Gutenberg invented durable metal, It made from a combination of tin, antimony or lead. Become a part of our community of millions and ask any question that you do not find in our Graphic Design Q&A library. D. texture On the top of that, you may need to showcase your design skills in a practical test. ______is any plan for organizing colors Database functions and procedure MCQs Answers, C++ STANDARD LIBRARY MCQs Questions Answers, Storage area network MCQs Questions Answers, FPSC Computer Instructor Syllabus preparation. D. line This is one of the vital questions about graphic design. D. None, which element of line, shape, form, color, value, space, and texture are, C. Monochromatic color scheme C. value Employers want to check if you know the most efficient way to get from a to z. D. Graphic design, Which creates a very casual or natural effect? 90 Questions. B. value D. chop marks green, blue-green, blue violet, red violet, red-orange are _______? A. balance D. color scheme Ans: D, 47. Graphic Design Mu1tiple Question with Answers:-1. C. motif A. B. After all, just because a designer expresses a preference for one type of project over others doesn’t mean they don’t have the technical or creative chops to handle whatever comes their way. C. trademark What Is Graphic Design? ________ is spectral name or family of a color Example: yellow-green, red-violet and violet Ans: A, 10. Ans: D, 12. Computer Graphics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Quiz. D. The elements of art/design A. color scheme that parts of things within a work of art are the right size in relationship to another B. Asymmetry balance 2. A. background A. template B. unity C. value B. composition D. engravings, Which shows the areas around, above, between, below, or within something? B. arbitrary color Ans: D, 41. orange, green, violet are______? C. template C. background These are the important questions and frequently asked in the interviews. What characteristics and aptitudes should a decent graphics designer possess? B. motif ________ is a small box with a lens on one side with which early photographs were taken ___________is the spectrum bent into a wheel for the purpose of understanding color and relationships between colors. B. space All rights reserved. C. space Split Complement color scheme What to look for in an answer: In-depth knowledge of color theory; Appreciation for color in design… C. value D. tonality C. composition _____ is the act of organizing the elements of artwork into a harmoniously unified whole C. motif C. value 200 Top Real Time Pega PPRC Interview Questions and Answers, 100 Top Adobe Photoshop Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, 100 Top C++ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, 100 Top CSS Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, 120 Latest Selenium Hybrid Framework Interview Questions And Answers, 125 Top C Programming Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, 125 Top C# Interview Questions Dot Net Tricks. D. watermark Designers create and combine symbols, images, and text to form visual representations of ideas. C. texture When artists try to reproduce colors as they see them, including the effects of atmosphere and reflection upon the colors, this is called the use of _________? Ans: B, 40. images or words added to paper as it is made, which can be seen only when the paper is held up to a strong light is ______? Ans: B, 27. Ans: A, 44. Primary colors B. shade D. Primary colors Ans: B, 22. _______is the element of art that refers to how things feel, or look as if they might feel if touched C. composition D. trademark, which of the following is the appearance of a color is affected by the colors that surround it Primary colors Explore the latest questions and answers in Layout Design, and find Layout Design experts. A print is then made from the plate. D. form Ans: A, 25. A. motif D. unity D. B. C. insignia A. color ____ is a color scheme that uses colors that sit side by side on the color wheel and have a common hue D. proportion 1. What is a character set (alphabet, numbers and punctuation) of a specified design and size? A. B. spectrum D. shade, which one is a signatures carved in wood, dipped in ink, and pressed onto paper or canvas – to identify their work C. harmony The elements of art/design Graphic Designer Interview Questions for freshers experienced :-1. A. illusion B. template C. line _______a pattern that shows Ans: D, 30. Ans: D, 37. _______is the process of organizing and composing words and images to create a message ______ is a special type of formal balance in which two halves of a balanced composition/design A. signage system Ans: A, 46. year. _____ a technique in which a design is incised in a plate of metal, wood, or plastic. D. expression The interviewers may ask you to improve a simple design, or to offer your ideas on a concept, layout or logo. D. harmony B. tertiary colors B. value B. watermark B. logotype C. space A. the elements of art A. closure ______ is an ancient Greek ideal ratio that can be expressed in numbers as 0.618034:1 D. tint B. motif Ans: B, 2. Primary colors A. tonality C. insignia B. balance D. tint Together abroad website – Another list of interview questions for graphic design, applicable mostly for recruitment in European Union. B. logotype BECE, Daniel Blankson. ________ is the tendency to complete partial forms or shapes by seeing lines that do not exist 2. C. Graphic design Which is an ancient Greek ideal ratio that can be demonstrated in numbers as 0.618034:1. A. branding Graphic Design Interview Questions Answers – MCQs Test. D. motif, which of the following is similar, lightness or darkness of a color A. chop marks You will deal with personal, behavioral and technical questions. Correct answer: B and C 2. A. value Cyber Crime Solved MCQs Questions Answers. C. after image B. hue D. foreground, which object has the 3-dimensional space occupies D. variety. D. value, Which of the following is a special type of formal balance in which two halves of a balanced composition/design A. color scheme A. optical illusion Ans: A, 45. A. neutrals B. line B. line _______ is white, any shade of gray and black are considered neutrals Ans: B, 20. D. optical illusion D. simultaneous contrast, Which is not a correct belief about something you see Ans: D, 21. B. Analogous color scheme D. closure, Which one is parts of the artwork that appear farthest away from the viewer A. color scheme C. 3 Components of color D. movable type, Which one of the following color is either warm or cool. Ans: B, 8. C. abstract B. value A. space B. simultaneous contrast What is likely the problem? Ans: A, 4. … Ans: D, 5. _____a false belief about something you see Graphic design is art with a purpose. A. shape Ans: B, 34. B. Gestalt Graphics Designer Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Graphic design is a creative process of most often involving a client and a designer and usually completed in conjunction with producers of form printers, programmers, signmakers, etc. A. closure C. 3 Components of color Ans: A, 16. ______ is parts of the artwork that appear farthest away from the viewer _______ are the band of colors that appear when natural light (or white light) is bent and separated as it is passed through a prism D. Triad color scheme, Which one is the basic element repeated to create a pattern D. proportion, A technique in which design is incised in a plate of metal, wood , or plastic. Communication is very crucial to graphic design as the entire point of design is to communicate with people. D. color About Graphic Designer Aptitude Test. A. Complementary color scheme A. unity It involves a creative and systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve certain objectives, with the use of images, symbols or even words. ______line, shape, form, color, value, space, and texture The graphic design traces its roots to man kind’s early existence. Ans: D, 32. C. texture How good are you at graphic design? ______are the rules for dynamical that are used to help organize the elements of art the principle Your answer should focus on the company itself, their mission and products, and not about why you want the particular position you're applying for. B. harmony You select a graphic on your page and choose Object > Arrange > Send to Back. A. proportion C. texture A. form B. additive primaries WASSCE May/June Graphic Designs 1992-2013 (Passco) Past Questions. D. space, which of the following is closed 2 dimension area A. branding B. tonality Fundamentals of Graphic Design Final Free Practice Test Instructions Choose your answer to the question and click 'Continue' to see how you did. D. Analogous color scheme ______ is the emotional, cultural, or social content of a design C. Triad color scheme

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