The company must also appoint a liquida… 147. In these Rules, unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires — “the Act” means the Companies Act; New Delhi, the 24th January, 2020. MCA releases Companies (Winding Up) Rules, 2020. 176. To print the whole chapter in HTML, please click at the bottom of the TOC panel and then click .Please set the page orientation to “Landscape” for printing of bilingual texts on a single page. 186. – (1) Every duly authorised officer of the Central Government and, save as otherwise provided by these rules, every person who has been a director or officer of a company which is being woundup, shall be entitled, free of charge, at all reasonable times to inspect the file of proceedings of the liquidation, and to take copies or extracts from any document therein on payment at the rate of five rupees per page, to be furnished with such copies or extracts. Record book to be maintained by Company Liquidator.- The Company Liquidator shall maintain a record book for each company in which shall be entered minutes of all the proceedings and resolutions passed at any meeting of the creditors or contributories or of the advisory committee, the substance of all orders passed by the Tribunal in the liquidation proceedings, and all such matters other than matters of account as may be necessary, to furnish a correct view of the administration of the company’s affairs. Effect of voting by a secured creditor.- If a secured creditor votes in respect of his whole debt he shall be deemed to have surrendered his security, unless the Tribunal, on an application by such creditor, is satisfied that the omission to value the security was due to inadvertence. (2) An order requiring parties interested in a disclaimed lease to apply for a vesting order or to be excluded from all interest in the lease shall be in Form WIN 87, and an order vesting lease and excluding persons who have not elected to apply, shall be in Form WIN 88. Application by person for payment of money paid into the Company Liquidation Dividend and Undistributed Assets Account.- An application under sub-section (6) of section 352 by any person claiming to be entitled to any money paid into the Company Liquidation Dividend and Undistributed Assets Account for payment of such money shall state whether the applicant had made an application to the Central Government for the payment, and, if so, the result of the application. CONTRIBUTORIES. 8. MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS Notification. (2) The continuing members of the advisory committee, if not less than two, may act notwithstanding any vacancy in the said committee. – (1) If the Tribunal is satisfied as referred to in section 301 and that notice of the date and hour fixed for the examination was duly served on such contributory, the Tribunal may, issue without any further notice, a warrant in Form WIN 68 for the arrest of the said contributory. Application for examination under section 299.- (1) An application for the examination of a person under section 299 may be made ex-parte, provided that where the application is made by any person other than the Company Liquidator, notice of the application shall be given to the Company Liquidator. (3) These rules shall apply to winding up under of Companies Act 2013 (18 of 2013). Notice of meeting.- (1) The Company Liquidator shall summon meetings of creditors and contributories by giving not less than fourteen days’ notice by sending individually to every creditor of the company a notice of the meeting of creditors, and to every contributory of the company a notice of the meeting of contributories, by sending notice by registered post or speed post or by electronic means so as to reach such person in not less than fourteen days before the date fixed for the meeting: Provided that where the number of creditors or contributories, as the case may be, exceeds five hundred, the Company Liquidator shall also give a fourteen days’ notice of the time and place appointed for the meeting by advertisement in one daily newspaper in the English language and one daily newspaper in the principal regional language circulating in the State or Union territory concerned. Investment of surplus funds.- (l) All such money for the time being standing to the credit of the Company Liquidator at the bank as is not immediately required for the purposes of winding up, shall be invested in Government securities or in interest bearing deposits in any scheduled bank in the name of the company in liquidation or provisional liquidation represented by Company Liquidator of the company to which the funds belong and such funds so invested shall be monitored regularly by the Company Liquidator and the returns also containing the details of fixed deposit receipts shall be submitted to the Tribunal. 3 Use of forms. Resolution of contributories’ meeting.- At a meeting of the contributories, a resolution shall be deemed to be passed when a majority in value of the contributories present personally or by proxy and voting on the resolution have voted in favour of the resolution and the value of the contributories shall be determined according to the number of votes to which each contributory is entitled as a member of the company under the provisions of the Act, or the articles of the company, as the case may be. Warrant of arrest of contributory. Contents of proof.- An affidavit proving a debt shall contain or refer to a statement of account showing the particulars of the debt, and shall specify the vouchers, if any, by which the same can be substantiated and the affidavit shall state whether the creditor is a secured creditor, or a preferential creditor, and if so, shall set out the particulars of the security or of the preferential claims, and the affidavit shall be in Form WIN 44. 149. 70. – (1) The Official Liquidator shall exercise the powers and perform the duties as specified in the Act and these rules. 62. 128. Statement to accompany payment. The Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Ordinance. (2) It shall be open to any creditor or contributory to apply to the Tribunal for leave to intervene in the appeal, and the Tribunal may, if it thinks fit, grant the leave subject to such terms and conditions as may be just, and where such leave has been granted, notice of the hearing of the appeal shall be given to such creditor or contributory. 66. With a view to promoting and supporting the rule of law in Hong Kong, HKLII is a free, … (2) a document required by the Act or these Rules must also contain the standard contents set out in Part 1.] The Companies Winding Up Rules 2008, the Companies Winding Up (Amendment) Rules, 2010, the Companies Winding Up (Amendment) Rules, 2013 and the Companies Winding Up (Amendment) Rules 2016 are hereby revoked and replaced by the Companies Winding Up Rules, 2016 attached as a Schedule hereto. Procedure for contumacy.- (1) If a person examined before the person or authority appointed by the Tribunal refuses to answer to the satisfaction of such the person or authority any question which he may put or allow to be put, such the person or authority shall forthwith report such refusal to the Tribunal and upon such report being made, the person in default shall be in the same position and be dealt with in the same manner as if he had made default in answering before the Tribunal. 190. – (1) If a creditor is dissatisfied with the decision of the Company Liquidator in respect of his proof, the creditor may, not later than twenty-one days from the date of service of the notice upon him of the decision of the liquidator, appeal to the Tribunal against the decision. When winding up an insolvent company, there are three main aims of the winding up procedure. Proof of notice.- An affidavit by any person who sent the notice, that such notice has been duly sent, shall be sufficient evidence of the notice having been sent to the person to whom the same was addressed and the affidavit shall be filed in the Tribunal in Form WIN 31. 46(E). -Upon an order for dissolution being made, the Company Liquidator shall forthwith pay into the Company Liquidation Dividend and Undistributed Assets Account any unclaimed dividends payable to creditors or undistributed assets refundable to contributories in his hands on the date of the order of dissolution, and such other balance in his hands as he has been directed by the Tribunal to deposit into the Company Liquidation Dividend and Undistributed Assets Account and every order of dissolution shall direct that the Company Liquidator shall forward a certified copy of the order to the Registrar of Companies not later than seven days from the date of the order, and along with the copy of the order shall be filed with the Registrar of Companies, a statement signed by the Company Liquidator that the directions of the Tribunal regarding the application of the balance as per his final account have been duly complied with. (2) Save as otherwise provided by these rules, every contributory and every creditor, whose claim or proof has been admitted, shall be entitled, at all reasonable times to inspect the file of proceedings on payment of one hundred rupees and to be furnished with copies and extracts from any document therein at the rate of five rupees per page.

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