Auction closed . Roan Hunting Bull for sale. Microchip: 945000001631098 DOB: 5 Years 6 Months Horn Length: L - 28" R - 27 6/8" Live. Last year he said that these younger bulls had started to, "really go for him" and, as he was already some seven to eight years old, he was worried that the big bull might lose a horn or, worse still, be killed and, as such, put a price of R50 000 on it and sent his estimate of the nyala’s vital statistics to the Professional Hunting Association of South Africa (PHASA). Closely related to the bushbuck, the nyala bull is significantly larger and has a characteristic white chevron between the eyes, a white mane, yellow socks and hanging body hair. The primary nodeof a database cluster processes queries, updates the database, returns results to clients, and acts as the single source of data for all other nodes. I wanted to learn more about the amazing animal that had knocked Paul’s nyala off its perch and called Dr. van Wyk. As such, they are aware of the value of the game which, according to the good doctor, includes a number of plus 30 inch nyala bulls. View View & Bid. Contact Stephanie for more info on 0823396603 or info @ Name. By that stage, 354 animals had equalled or bettered the minimum measurement (which was then 26 inches), of which only 12 exceeded 30 inches with the biggest two specimens tied in a dead heat at 32 7/8 inches. Lot 12. Since then Rowland Ward has added a further 388 entries by the time the 27th edition was produced, of which 44 exceeded 30 inches. Kudu Bull with females . 11 Young Nyala Breeding Bull. Product Enquiry. I certainly have not. See more ideas about animals wild, african animals, pet birds. Roland Ward’s record book shows the largest trophy to have a horn of 33-1/4 inches, and a 7-1/2 inch circumference. I could not find out any further information about him and so turned to the web site of Mr. Stone’s company, Stone Hunting Safaris. When the nyala bull showed, he wasn't the 29-incher we'd hoped for but he was ancient and massive. Standby nodesare copies of the primary node that automatically take over if the primary node fails. This beat Paul Phelan’s wonderful 32 7/8 inches nyala bull, shot in KwaZulu-Natal where they naturally occur, which has stood as the world record for over 28 years. Fax 1(520) 622-1205 Paul Phelan's number one nyala seen from the side. Related products. Nyala Bull. To me, as a trophy hunter, this simply makes no sense and almost seems greedy. The current and still number one common nyala in Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game after the highly respected record book, at 118 years old, the oldest such record book in the world, refused to include the semi-tame nyala described in the article in its latest edition. As can be seen from the photograph, the bull is a reddish brown in colour and not the usual dark charcoal that one would expect in a bull of this size and age. The mission of Rowland Ward is to help preserve and increase the habitat of (large) fauna worldwide by supporting sustainable fair-chase hunting, which, in turn, directly benefits the local indigenous people of the areas involved. During my time as chairman of Rowland Ward I was privileged to be privy to the production of the 27th edition of Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game, published in 2006 and have contributed, where I could, to the production of the new, 28th edition, which should be published later this year. 2. It is a species of the family Bovidae and genus Nyala, also considered to be in the genus Tragelaphus.It was first described in 1849 by George French Angas. The whole nyala … 8 Nyala Bull. Hunting Facts versus Animal Rights Fiction, Custodians of Professional Hunting and Conservation, The South African Conservation Success Story. Firstly, can we still distinguish between hunting and shooting, on the one hand, and wildlife ranching and domestic livestock farming, on the other hand? In addition, while I have never belonged to the club which believes that, if I shoot a bigger animal than you, then I must be a better hunter than you, shooting a big, mature bull, on its own, out of the breeding cycle, which beats the minimum entry level into Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game, is, for me, the cherry on top of the cream on top of the cake and so the time seemed right for me to go in search of one of hunting’s holy grails – a plus 30 inch nyala bull. 19/07/2019 . Database clusters may have zero, one, or two standby nodes. These tall massifs lie south of the Danakil Depression (hottest place on earth) and east of the Rift Valley. Tiger fishing on Lake Jozini with Shayamoya. Their … Special Offer 1 – N/A (Category B) Special Offer 2 – N/A (Category C) Special Offer 3 – N/A (Category D) Roland Ward & Outfitters – R4 740.00 (Category E – Outfitters: meat shared 50/50) FEMALE BLESBUCK. "He'll make Roland Ward's 27-inch minimum," Aucamp whispered encouragingly. Vleissentraal Bosveld (Pty) Ltd. Tag no: Red 3Sire: Kaptein 30 4⁄₈", T-T 16 4⁄₈"Date measured: 15 April 2016Age measured: 3 yearsHorn length: L: 21 2⁄₈" R: 21 2⁄₈"Tip to tip: 8 ⁴⁄... Live. Book your 2019 hunt with Pongola Bow Safaris. No Image. AWA Timed Asset Auction 26/27 Nov 2020 ( 2020-11-26 12:00:00 ) AWA Timed Plains and Rare Game Auction 25/26 March ( 2021-03-25 17:00:00 ) AWA Timed Plains and Rare Game Auction 22/23 April ( 2021-04-22 17:00:00 ) AWA Timed Plains and Rare Game Auction 20/21 … \"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability\" - John Wooden\"Without hunting there would be no conservation, without conservation there would be no wildlife. For the avid trophy bow hunter we have large Nyala bulls measuring well into SCI and Roland award. For example, wildlife is much easier on the land than domestic livestock; the land can carry a far greater biomass of wildlife or, in Sale! So, of course, I was immediately gob smacked when I read in the March edition of Game & Hunt about a massive 33 3/8 inch nyala bull shot on Dr. Johann van Wyk’s horse breeding farm, Reebokfontein near Klerksdorp, by a bow hunter, Mr. Alexander Sachs, who was guided by Mr. Jason Stone of Stone Hunting Safaris. Of these, Mr. Sachs has accounted for no less than 14 while a certain Mr. A.S.J.D. Kruger Lions: Who really cares about conservation? A record number of entries have been received for the 28th edition and a number of them exceed in size anything that has previously been recorded. Group of Adult Blesbok Ewes for sale (A9-MWSA096) R 2,500.00 … Now, while I do not make a fetish of this, I try hard when hunting a species that I have already shot, not to shoot one smaller than I already have. Vleissentraal Bosveld (Pty) Ltd. Thirdly, I have been lucky enough over the 28 years since I shot my first one, to have shot a further five nyala, each one bigger than the next with the last one a fraction shy of 29 inches, nearly two inches bigger than the current Rowland Ward minimum. We Believe “Man has the right to enjoy the fruits of creation, and hunting is one of his ways and means. \" - Rob KeckLIKE SUBSCRIBE and Hit the BELL ButtonThis Nyala was Harvested on the 26-3-2020 it was a bull that had become aggressive not only to other Nyala bulls but to people too.The whole nyala will be processed and put to good use supplying valuable nutrition during this time that the Carona virus is doing the rounds.The official measurement takes place after 60 days - this insures that the shrinkage during the curing process is factored in.A steel cable is used to easily navigate the spiral and follow the ridge up the horns - it is best if there are an extra set of hands to assist with this process as it can be tricky - you will see when I measure the first horn the cable does indeed fall off the ridge - as I reiterate this is just a rough guide for field measurement.Here is the link to the correct Roland ward Method of measuring - is the best link I have found for the SCI method of scoring tapes can be purchased on amazon\u0026dchild=1\u0026keywords=trophy+tape+-+antler+scoring+tape\u0026qid=1585663756\u0026sprefix=Trophy+tape%2Caps%2C468\u0026sr=8-5Trophy Cables Are easy to make and can often be purchased from many hunting clubs or associations.Like and Subscribe #nyalameasuring #rolandwardmeasuring #nowhuntnyalaThe African Allure Hunting SafarisRyan [email protected]+27845109887 This Nyala was Harvested on the 26-3-2020 it was a bull that had become aggressive not only to other Nyala bulls but to people too. Phone Number Information; 859-495-5711: Moaz Fiesel - Catalpa Rd, Independence, KY: 859-495-4744: Lynnon Carnicelli - Birnam Dr, Independence, KY: 859-495-4135 It was only much later when a friend, Mike Balcomb, saw the horns and insisted that they be taken to KwaZulu-Natal Hunters and Game Conservation Association to be officially measured that their length was established and even later still before Robin Halse, my predecessor at Rowland Ward, contacted Paul and insisted that they be entered in The Book. It is the oldest known skill, and if it is lost to him through neglect or emotion, or mistaken interpretation of the laws of nature, then man will be weakened. R3 530.00. About Live Webcast Auctions Awa Live Asset Auction 28 Nov 2020 ( 2020-11-28 10:55:00 ) Test 20 Oct 2020 ( 2020-11-30 00:10:00 ) Shona Langa and Guest Sellers Auction 19 Feb 20 ( 2021-02-19 10:55:00 ) AWA Boma Game Auction 13 March 2021 ( 2021-03-13 11:00:00 ) Rooi Ivoor Live Game Auction 10 April 202 ( 2021-04-10 11:00:00 ) AWA Live Plains and Rare Game Auction 8 May 2021 ( 2021-05-08 … According to Dr. van Wyk, Mr Sachs lives in Munich but spends most of his time hunting around the world and was on his fourth trip to South Africa at the time. I decided to take the shot. However, there are questions that need to be asked. The question, however, that Rowland Ward has to ask itself, is whether the Sachs/Stone nyala should be entered in The Book. Estimated Roland Ward 26″ Loaded onto buyers transport in the Origstad area @R35000, plus Vat. As a postscript, I have been advised by Dr. van Wyk that Reeboksfontein, which is bordered by the Klerksdorp Municipality on two sides, was sold in January to property developers who are being advised by Nature Conservation, Free State University and himself. Toll Free 1(888) HUNT-SCI. The Patria AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) is an 8×8 multi-role military vehicle produced by the Finnish defence industry company Patria.. Manifestly, the previous noted Roland Ward record measured 33 inches whereas this prize Nyala Bull exceeded the record by almost two inches and measured no less than 34 5/8 inches. We only accept bow hunters during weekdays at a special rate of R500 per hunter per night. To further this goal, Rowland Ward maintains an … Yes, that’s right, 29 animals in SCI’s top ten! Theodore Roosevelt – Killer or Conservationist? Excuse my ignorance but do you know of, or have even heard or read about, anyone anywhere in the hunting world who, either as a professional or amateur hunter, can rival these statistics? That this revolution has been driven by hunting has been empirically established and there is no need to discuss or debate this. The third shot that I took with the CEB 235 grain Raptor ER was at 140 yards on an approximately 400 Lbs Nyala bull. Thrilling stuff! In the end, Vleissentraal called in October 2009 and announced that they would send someone in seven days’ time to kill the animal and Mr Jason Stone, who is not a member of PHASA, duly arrived with the young, German hunter, Mr Alexander Sachs who, within about an hour of setting off, at a distance of about 25 metres, managed to place an arrow in front of the left hip of the nyala, which traversed the bull’s body and exited in front of the right foreleg as the animal walked obliquely away from him. They will destroy everyone, and even brake the wire netting for protection to the trees.". 18/04/2019 . It was taken near Hluhluwe … Not all make use of my offering. Some of the other bulls and several ewes are at the stables at night and help themselves to pellets and lucerne that was dropped and also on the plants around the stables. Kruger Park Lion Debate: Animal rights activists are just plain wrong, Umbabat Private Nature Reserve – Media Statement. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. No Image. SCI Book of Trophy Animals shows a 34-1/8 inch horn with an 8-2/8 inch circumference.