Close. Headphones - IEM/Earbud. Posted by 2 months ago. They look similar to the KZ AS10 and KZ ZS10, but they have a slightly more high-end feel thanks to a metal-finish backplate.However, they have a decent isolation performance but won’t be ideal for commuting. KZ ZST Pro vs KZ ZSN Pro. KZ audio provide the most affordable price for the earbuds, shop on our store, enjoying faster deliver, global free shipping ... ZSN Pro. Higher quality acrylics, a more capable signature, and other quality of life changes brought their original hybrid release into the modern age. During the last quarter of 2018, KZ dropped the ZSN which was more or less an updated ZST. Quem acompanha o canal sabe o quanto o KZ ZSN me impressionou. 1. It has a very similar tuning but with less treble emphasis. Mas pouco tempo depois, saiu o ZSN Pro. Of course, the different shape and materials of the acrylic housings make a … Headphones - IEM/Earbud. But to understand where we are now (the ZSN Pro), we need to look at where we came from (the ZST and ZSN non-Pro). The KZ ZSN are okay mixed usage wired in-ears that have a great design, but their audio reproduction is a bit disappointing. The KZ ZSN are a bit unusual from a design perspective, at least when it comes to KZ standards: the shell is made of transparent plastic (with a fumé finish in my case, but also available in green/cyan and magenta) and the faceplate is made of metal.It is held in place with three screws, placed in the three angles – as the faceplate has an overall triangular shape. The cable is the same bronze-colored version included with the newest KZ headphones (AS12, AS16, ZSN, ZSN Pro, ZS10 Pro, and ZST Pro). KZ ZS10 Pro . There is a clear distinction between the backplate of the earbud and the earbud frame itself while other models feel like one solid unit. KZ ZST Pro vs KZ ZSN Pro. The ZST was a single hybrid IEM, … For awhile there it looked like KZ might be losing its stranglehold on the sub-$20 market, the ZsN once again claims that territory for KZ. They are both similarly priced and are both equally rated. 1BA+1DD Hybrid technology HIFI Bass Earbuds. I was looking for a cheap pair of IEMs as they are my first one, and found these 2 recommended. Noise Cancelling Earphones Metal Headset 4BA+1DD Hybrid 10 drivers HIFI Bass Earbuds In Ear Monitor Headphones. The ZsN represents one of the 3 best efforts of KZ to date in my estimation (Zs5v1 and AS10) and despite a treble that could still be described as slightly hot, is a big step in the right direction. The KZ ZST feel slightly cheaper-made than the other KZ headphones like the KZ ZS10, KZ AS10, or the KZ ZSN. The KZ ZST X (review here) has the same dual-driver configuration as the KZ ZSN Pro X. Browse Products. It features 2-pin 0.75mm (C-style) connectors to fit over the protruding sockets on the IEM body. For a rather modest price, you get a great-sounding pair of earphones with superb build quality and probably the best stock cable KZ has included so far. KZ ZST X ($16) ZSN Pro X (red) vs ZST X (grey). The ZSN was a major upgrade from Knowledge Zenith’s (KZ) very first hybrid IEM, the ZST. The ZSN isn't so new by now, and yet I find it to be one of KZ's best releases so far. I do not know which one is better.